The liberal media have all the facts! Except when they don't.

I saw an article by the AP the other day where they were ripping Trump as a know-nothing because he tweeted that the Northeast could use a little of that global warming.

The article said 2017 was the warmest year on record except for El Niño years, which means that it was not the warmest on record.  The article could have been in The Onion for how worthless it was.  The intent was to make people believe that 2017 was the warmest on record.

The article should say that El Niño, La Niña, the Jet Stream, polar vortices, solar activity, and other natural phenomena control the weather and climate.  Meanwhile, a significant number of us repeat over and over again that the climate is cyclical and natural, as it always has been, and we are called stupid. 

There was an article in my Illinois paper this week that said in Illinois, 2017 was the sixth warmest on record.  That's another worthless piece of information unless we see the top five.  My guess is that some are in the 1930s, which means that eighty years ago, Illinois was warmer than today, and the theory falls apart.

When Al Gore, Michael Mann, and the mayor of Boston say the current record cold is caused by warming, journalists should know that this is pure garbage.  These people are trying to cover up their bad predictions, but most journalists just repeat what they are told  as if that were factual – because, after all, there is an agenda to push.

Other interesting facts you might read from liberal media outlets:

I got all As in college, except for all the subjects where I didn't.

I get all pars on the golf course, except for the sixteen or seventeen holes I where don't.

I am the highest paid person in my office, except for all those that make more than me. 

Obama had the fastest economic recovery in seventy years, except for every other one, which was faster. 

Hillary has won every presidential election she ran in, except the ones she lost.

It is truly a shame that almost all journalists repeat what they are told with little or no curiosity.  Warming does not cause record cold any more than cooling causes record warmth. 

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