Take a step back: Did Trump really even say the s-word?

Our first step in responding to the fake news firestorm about what Trump did or didn't say about some African countries is to figure out what Trump actually said.

Two leakers say he used the term "s---holes" to describe Haiti and African countries.  However, the only person corroborating that as this is being written is a Democrat.  Given that Harry Reid gleefully admitted to lying about Mitt Romney not paying taxes, it's not irrational to question that Democrat's veracity.

We also know that the leakers were willing to hurt the U.S. in order to gain a partisan political advantage.  The leakers knew that whether they were telling the truth or not, it would hurt the U.S. and that didn't slow them down a bit.  That indicates a lack of trustworthiness.

We further know that the leakers were wrong in that already Jake Tapper is saying Trump didn't attack Haiti in the way the leakers said Trump did.

There are two trustworthy Republican senators who say they didn't hear Trump say what the leakers claim.  Even Lindsey "I want citizenship and welfare for life for anyone who can sneak into the U.S." Graham didn't confirm the leakers' terminology.  Instead, Graham said Trump said something Lindsey "Americans are the problem and everyone overseas is better than Americans" Graham felt the need to "chastise" Trump about.

The reality is that Trump probably used coarse language to make a valid point: why are we letting people with no skills and whose allegiance is to their tribe, not their country in when we're keeping people with skills and whose allegiance is to the rule of law out?

In fact, we can easily imagine Trump describing countries like Somalia as hellholes.  Interestingly, the use of "hellhole" – which is hardly less offensive than "s-hole" – to describe Haiti and Somalia is common; just check the internet.  Apparently, only when Trump uses a pejorative to describe countries do the media go into a hissy fit. 

Anyone who wouldn't say that Haiti and Somalia are hellholes is lacking in compassion.  The people in Somalia and many other African countries live miserable lives, and pointing that out is hardly an act of evil.  The real problem for the Democrats is that Trump is saying what most Americans believe: the role of immigration is to help America, not to help the rest of the world.  If someone from Somalia has what it takes to be a good American, by all means, let him in, but that doesn't mean we should be taking pretty much anyone from Somalia while rejecting highly skilled people from Japan or Norway.

What's really interesting is that the same leftists now having a conniption fit over what Trump might have said have been telling us for decades that those same countries are in fact hellholes.  For ages, leftists have been saying we have to let immigrants in from poor third-world countries because life in those countries is so bad.  It's unclear how leftists are rationalizing the fact that they continue to say life in those countries is bad with being incensed with Trump saying life in those countries is bad, but the one skill leftists have is nursing double-standards, so they'll undoubtedly muddle through.

Even better, how many Americans have given of their hard-earned money – not other people's tax dollars – to help Haiti and other third-world countries precisely because those countries are hellholes?  After all, if Haiti isn't a horrible place to live, why send money at all?

Why the media insanity?  Basically, it's Russia redux.  The Democrats, being fascists at heart, refuse to accept any election result they don't approve of.  As a result, they will do anything to attack Trump.

Democrat politicians care no more about low-skill legal immigrants and illegal aliens than they do about inner-city blacks.  So long as they get the votes, Democrats are more than willing to watch the people they supposedly stand up for live horrible lives in miserable conditions.

The whole attack on Trump is simply a disinformation campaign to distract Americans from the Democrats' plan to remake America in the image of those third-world hellholes, with the Democrats being the kleptocrats who live large off the labors of others.

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