Speaking real truth to real power

Singer Joy Villa is not among the popular music elite. But in an industry where making a living is a million to one shot, she has carved out a nice little career.

Last year, Villa shocked the Grammy Awards by showing up in a "Make America Great Again" dress. Needless to say, she received widespread condemnation for her choice of outfits. 

This year, Villa walked the red carpet in wedding dress that made another political statement.

Fox News:

Joy Villa turned up at the 60th Grammy Awards in a dress meant to make a statement. The singer wore a white wedding dress that she hand-painted with the image of a fetus surrounded by a rainbow paired with a purse that read "choose life."

"I'm a pro-life woman. This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do," she told Fox News. "I'm all about life."

Villa, who made a name for herself at last year's Grammys with a "Make America Great Again" dress, paired her Pronovias dress with a tiara and sparkling jewlery. She said she was inspired to paint this year's dress because she gave a baby up for adoption when she was 21, and she said she supports adoption over abortion. 

The 26-year-old said she is thrilled with President Trump so far. 

"I love what he is doing; unemployment is down," she said. "I am totally for President Trump, and it's only been one year. I can't wait for the next seven years!"

She said she spoke to the president's daughter Ivanka Trump over the holidays. 

"I'm very close with his daughter Ivanka. She is a phenomenal woman. She wants to empower women."

Villa said there are very few conservative celebs, but that doesn't deter her from sharing her point of view. 

"There is a lot of hypocrisy we see from celebrities," she insisted.

Villa praised Trump's tax plan and said she is excited about what's coming from the administration in 2018.

Left wing entertainers often brag about "speaking truth to power" by criticizing a Republican president or conservative positions. That's nonsense. Any left winger in America who criticizes a Republican president is celebrated in the media, adored by other celebrities, and gets a boost to their career.

Even if they believe they are speaking the truth, they are preaching to the converted and hardly speaking to "power." There is no risk to their career or life in criticizing a conservative.

But conservatives in the almost completely left wing entertainment industry are either careful about revealing their political beliefs or hide them. They know full well the cost to their careers for speaking out from a conservative political viewpoint.

That's what makes Villa's statement so remarkable. In a venue where probably 90-95% of attendees are pro-abortion, she chose to make a statement about life. That's real truth being spoken to real power - not the insipid left wing version. 

I certainly hope Villa doesn't suffer too many consequences for her courage.


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