Speaking of delusions, anybody want to get a load of what journalists 'think'?

To get an idea of how deluded the media are, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson uses the untrustworthy writer Michael Wolff and his new book. Fire and Fury, to claim that the Trump administration is delusional and Trump is mentally unsound. He just phones it in, based on the claims of this one writer, who has time and again shown himself to have problems with accuracy.
They all seem to be treating Wolff and his nutty assertions as the last word on the presidency of Donald Trump. Yet there have other books, and by experienced capital hands, published about Trump which don't paint nearly the same picture. The writer Ron Kessler, in his book Inside the Trump White House, says Trump is fit for office.
So why do the journalists ignore him to focus on Wolff? Could it be ... they have an agenda to destroy Trump and facts don't make a difference?
Delusional people:
  •  are people who believed President Obama when he said you could keep your doctor and your health plan if you liked it and that Obamacare would lower premiums.
  •  are ones who believed that a video caused the attack in Benghazi.
  •  are those who believe dropping millions in the middle of the night in Iran was not ransom.
  • are those who believe massive government regulations, higher taxes and borrowing make the economy grow faster despite historical facts.
  • are people who believe that Cuba will improve while communists are still in charge.
  • are those who continue to peddle Russian collusion with Trump.
  • are those who say that James Comey, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and others at Justice and FBI operate independently.
  • are people who believe that Hillary and her aides didn't intend to break the law.
  • and the most delusional at all are any who say that global warming caused by humans is what causes record cold. 
I am sure that others can give many more examples of where the Obama administration was delusional. 
I'll take the president who has given us the fastest economic growth in 13 years, given us record-low black unemployment, has given us high consumer confidence, high business confidence, a 12-year high in home builder confidence, reduced regulations rapidly and is giving the power and purse back to the people as fast as he can. Freedom and prosperity are good.
I'll take a leader who leads foreign policy instead of leading from behind. Appeasing North Korea and Iran doesn't work. 
Factually, the Trump Administration is doing very good. Factually, Obama gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years. 
Who is delusional? Trump or journalists and Democrats who are seeking to destroy him every day?