Sick: New York Times offers readers $8K luxury visit to Iran

Iranians may be starving and rioting in the streets, but to the wealthy cultural elitists who run (and patronize) the New York Times, that just apparently adds local color to the luxury vacations by private jet that the paper continues to offer its readers in 2018. Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller writes: The New York Times will continue offering its expensive tours of Iran despite protests in the country against the Iranian regime, which the United States government has designated the number[-]one state sponsor of terrorism. The company is selling nine different 13-day tours of Iran in 2018.  Individual tickets for the program, "Tales from Persia," cost $7,895.  The weighty price tag doesn't include your flights to and from the Islamic Republic, but it does buy you the companionship of a handful of Times "experts" to accompany you on the trip, in addition to the state-approved domestic tour guide. The trip itinerary...(Read Full Post)