Racism against Indian-Americans from the left is a thing

In a bid to slant the news and convince us that President Trump is racist, CNN's Chris Cuomo decided to give viewers a demonstration of how it works, dismissing President Trump's Indian-American deputy press secretary, Raj Shah, as "Raj whatever-his-name-is."

Ordinarily, this is what some people do when confronted with a long or difficult to pronounce (to them) name and not enough industry to get it right.

In a newsman, who is paid to know the facts, it's not only incompetent; it's pretty disgusting.

On first pass, Cuomo's flip-off has a whiff of stereotyping, given that in some Indian languages, such as Telugu, spoken by 75 million people in south India, many names are indeed long.

However, the last name "Shah" is not one of them.  It's a one-syllable four-letter word whose meaning Americans actually know: king, as in nearby Iran, and this last name likely has the same meaning.  And if this quiz is correct, it's also the 78th most common name in India, a nation of one billion people.

So what we are seeing here is both an effort to stereotype someone's name as inconvenient and an effort to dismiss Shah as someone insignificant, on the grounds that he's Indian-American and he works for President Trump.

This is getting to be a pattern. President Trump's FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, has been subject to horrific threats and racist attacks from the left based on his administrative decision to end net neutrality.

Joe Biden, one the Democratic Party's leading lights, has been continuous in his willingness to stereotype Indian immigrants by low-level jobs, identifying them as cab-drivers and convenience store clerks in separate incidents.  It's another bid to dismiss Indian-Americans as insignificant, despite the very different picture in reality.  Some immigrants may start from humble positions, but Indian-Americans actually have the highest education levels of any immigrant group, the highest marriage rate, and the lowest divorce rate.  As you may imagine, not many show up on crime blotters.

They have just one problem: quite a few of them are conservative, and most supported President Trump in the 2016 election.  Indian-Americans, see, shouldn't be conservatives, in the eyes of the left, any more than black Americans are "allowed" to be, according to the left.  That's why they are subject to racism from these leftists, who are convinced they can get away with it.  Their intolerance of political views is matched by their intolerance of Indian-Americans as people.

As the mainstream press and the left-wing political class try to make a collective howl about President Trump's supposed racism, the truth, from this CNN correspondent, comes out.

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