President Obama, Jay-Z, and 's-holes'

It is likely that many readers of the American Thinker are not conversant with the lyrics of rapper Jay-Z.  I certainly was not.  But being curious about the outrage Senator Dick "Dicky" Durban expressed about the alleged use of the word "s-hole" by President Trump, I checked it out.  Did President Obama tolerate the use of "s-hole"?

President Obama personally inducted Jay-Z into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the first rapper to receive such recognition. 

Here is a sample of what President Obama added to our "culture": a song called "Ignorant S---, ft. Beanie Sigel - Russian Gangster Jay-Z."  Definitely not safe for work!

 When will Senator Durbin denounce former President Obama and Jay-Z, a major Democrat donor, for using the s-word?

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