'Politically correct police officer' satire reveals uncomfortable truths

Satire is the hardest art form to master, largely because you have to thread the needle between the probable and the possible.  The comedy skit below of a "politically correct police officer" would never happen in real life.  But the sentiments it portrays occur every day in other contexts.

Try substituting a Title IX compliance officer for the cop.  Or a member of a student council.  Or a representative of a left-wing campus organization.

"What do you do when political correctness gets out of control?"

See what I mean?

What's truly worrying is that some snowflakes out there might see this video and not see the parody.  They'd be nodding their heads in agreement all through the skit.

The video was created by comedian Ray William Johnson.  Here's a link to his website, where you can watch more videos, including "The True Meaning of the Word 'Slut.'"

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