Pelosi's 'White' America

We make fun of Nancy Pelosi for good reason because of her nonsensical rants. But she was an effective speaker and minority leader when defending Obama as president. She attempted this largely by attacking Republicans. Ryan and McConnell have not retaliated.

Nancy Pelosi is always good for a laugh. But sometimes, without knowing it, she reveals the Democratic/Left agenda.  On January 26, on CNN’s Inside Politics, she said that President Trump’s offer to build the Wall, with a $25 billion trust fund,  in return to grant amnesty and citizenship to about 1.8 million illegal aliens as part of granting amnesty to the DACA “children” and their nuclear family is:

“Let me just say what I said last night: that plan is a campaign to make America white again,”

What does Nancy mean by a “white” America? Obviously, even Nancy knows that whites are a majority of the population.  When Nancy looks around Congress, her Democratic Party, her donors, and her cheerleaders in the media, whites are what she sees.  We cannot take her literally that America is not now “white” and President Trump’s immigration offer is designed to restore America as Caucasian majority nation.

Nancy does not like the ethnic makeup of the electorate that elected President Trump. Nancy is saying these are “white voters,” not necessarily white or Caucasian, but “white” in the sense that they reject the Democratic Party/Leftist agenda of open borders, abortion on demand, sanctuary cities and states, crony capitalism, amnesty for all illegals, high tax rates, increased regulations on business, and a cradle-to-grave nanny welfare state administered by the Annointed Ruling Class of Leftist Democrats and RINO Republicans. To oppose this means acting “white” to Nancy.  

Nancy sounds stupid by saying this but she knows that Democrats must recruit new voters because they are losing those she dismisses as “whites.” These are the same voters that Hillary dismissed as “deplorables,” and dismissed by Obama as those who “cling to guns and their religion.”

The “White America” that Nancy does not like are voters, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, who work, pay taxes, and are concerned about the security of our country. They believe in the Second Amendment, God, respect for the rule of law, and a federal government that protects the rights of Americans lawfully in our country. 

President Trump views these voters and values as part of Making America Great Again. Nancy, as with Hillary and Obama, derides these views and voters as “white America.”

Nancy, Hillary, Biden, Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Warren, Schumer, Comey, Mueller, and the rest of the Destroy Trump crowd are “white” but to Nancy are White in Name Only (WINO) because they do not share the views and values of deplorables, gun, and God clingers, also known as “White America.”

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