Pakistan, Palestinians have a cow as Trump tweets the truth about US aid

President Trump drew infuriated reactions from Pakistan and from the Palestinians with his tweeted warnings that they might not deserve all the U.S. aid they're getting.  Were these just off-the-wall late-night musings or a sign of big changes coming? According to Singapore's Straits Times, citing Reuters and Agence France-Presse reports: Pakistani [p]rime [m]inister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was yesterday due to chair a Cabinet meeting that was expected to focus on Mr[.] Trump's tweet.  And the country's top civilian and military chiefs are expected to meet today to discuss deteriorating [U.S.] ties. Pakistani [f]oreign [m]inister Khawaja Asif dismissed Mr[.] Trump's comments as a political stunt borne [sic] out of frustration over [U.S.] failures in Afghanistan, where Afghan Taleban [sic] militants have been gaining territory and carrying out major attacks. "He has tweeted against us (Pakistan) and Iran for his domestic...(Read Full Post)