One percenter Jay Z says black people need 'happiness' more than jobs

Shawn, 'Jay Z,' Carter is a 48-year-old former crack dealer turned rapper whose drug-glamorizing lyrics still appeal to the same schmucks he doped up almost thirty years ago.  Anthony 'Van' Jones is a 49-year-old Yale educated, committed Marxist-Leninist whose decades-old war on cops has left inner city neighborhoods unprotected and littered with dead black Americans. Both have made a fortune off destroying their own people. So, it's fitting these two stalwarts of the black community, who, by the way, live far away from the hellholes their so-called music and ideology helped create, should come together on Jones's premier CNN show of the 2018 season. Van Jones, who long ago abandoned the 'cheap radical pose for the deep radical ends’ with his street to elite suits and slick banter, asked Jay Z, worth around $810 million, if President Trump deserves any credit for lowering the black unemployment rate. The rapper's reply echoed...(Read Full Post)