On SNL, it dawns on the left that its tantrum over Trump is falling flat

I don't watch television, but as part of a video classroom assignment on how show segments are strung together, I ended up watching Saturday Night Live. I watch it anyway on YouTube for the glimpse it gives on how the left "thinks."

I watched the opening segment last night, which was a mirthless five-minute take attempting to convince us President Trump was dumb. Later on in the program, at the half-hour mark, the second political skit, led by actress and guest host Jessica Chastain was more interesting.

Using the format of a cheesy game show with a panel of three contestants, Chastain asked her contenders in the five-minute segment whether this or that action of President Trump's "matters anymore."

From the Hill's description:

The skit poked at many of Trump's past comments and actions as president, suggesting that people don't really care about what he does.

"First question: The president refers to all nations as ‘poo-poo holes’ and says all Haitians ‘have AIDS’. Does it even matter anymore?” Chastain asks, referring to Trump's recent comments during an Oval Office meeting.

"That's really bad, that has to matter, yes," a contestant played by Kate McKinnon answers. 

But Chastain responds: "Actually, it does not matter. Zero consequences and everyone moves on."

The skit moves on to ever more outrageous scenarios, none of which "matter anymore" to highlight that the public doesn't give a darn about the media's frenzy at President Trump's tweets or its slambook-style leaks of his offhand supposed remarks. In the course of the drama, Chastain gets more and more wound up at how Trump gets away with whatever it is the left says he gets away with and near the end of the skit swigs a booze bottle to drown her exasperated sorrows as the contestants try to comfort her.

Supposedly, we should be left upset at how President Trump says outrageous things and gets away with them. But what we are really seeing is the left getting worn down by its own hysteria over this or that tweet not being enough to overthrow President Trump from office, while the rest of the country prefers to remain focused on the Trump economic recovery, with all its paycheck raises, bonuses, tax cuts and cuts to red tape.

Most people will tolerate anything Trump says because the real thing that matters is that he brings home the bacon. That has got to enrage the left. What they want is for the rest of us to focus on tweets.

The American public just isn't that stupid.

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