No, Nikki Haley was not having an affair with Donald Trump

I'm sorry she even had to address it. But sure enough, admitted liar Michael Wolff, who's trying to sell a book of fiction, has spewed out that U.S.ambassador the the United Nations, Nikki Haley, slept her way to the top by having an affair with Donald Trump. He didn't put it in his book, which is already known to be riddled with lies and errors, he said, because it didn't even meet those standards. But the little creep wanted it out there and so he broadcast it out on TV.

Disgusting is right.

Not just because Haley has absolutely, always, shown herself to be a woman of character. (For one thing, there are no underwear pictures of her out there.) Not just because Haley has always epitomized utter professionalism.

It's disgusting because it doesn't even follow the most obvious logic of the narrative, and for two reasons:

One, Haley was the sitting governor of South Carolina, a key swing state, right there. Taking the United Nations ambassadorship at the request of President Trump was a step
down, not a claw upward. Nobody has an affair to get a lower-ranking job over what one already has. In her previous post as governor, Haley had a much higher and more demanding, as well as more presidential-material job, if she were ambitious. That she has been talked into the job and since been a stellar U.N. ambassador since then, the best one since the great Jeanne Kirkpatrick, was purely on her own merits. She had to have worked well with Team Trump professionally in her one meeting with Trump which had witnesses, but the star-power and the effectiveness she achieved was all her own work.

Second, Haley was never sweet on Trump. She started out in the never-Trump camp and was downright fiery in her opposition to some of Trump's more outrageous statements and positions during campaign 2016. She said she was "not a fan" of Donald Trump. She actually had to be coaxed into the position Trump offered her. Nobody has "an affair" with someone she speaks out against publicly. She has still been pretty frank on things she disagrees with Trump about, and Trump, to his credit, simply allows for dissenting opinions.

Wolff's affair smear of course is nothing more than the ugly thinking of certain kinds of leftists, those of the Harvey Weinstein stripe, the kind who believe that it's impossible for an attractive, talented woman to make it to the top all on her own merit. There always has to be a man somewhere in the picture or she goes nowhere. Haley is good looking, and maybe that contributes to her presence on television which can't be a bad thing in a job with the task is communicating, as the U.N. ambassador's job requires. But that's a long, long, long, way from the, yes, disgusting, allegation that there had to be an affair with Trump somewhere in there as a result. No, she didn't.

It's not the first time Nikki Haley has been accused of Hollywood morals and it probably won't be the last. It rather resembles the common canard dating from the Victorian era and extending to the current day, that a single woman who has achieved anything has to be a lesbian. They did it to Louisa May Alcott and they did it to Condoleezza Rice.

To guys like Wolff, a woman can't be anything. And the feminists who claim to champion women in this milieu are curiously silent, because Haley doesn't share their politics. It's disgusting all right and it's good that Nikki Haley kicked the press's proverbial keisters for asking.





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