Nancy Pelosi whoops it up with Democrats over government shutdown at a tony DC restaurant

Maybe they were whooping it up. Or maybe they were crying in their beer. One thing that's certain is that Democrats, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, were doing it in luxury at one of Washington's toniest restaurants, as the measure to fund the government failed.

According to Scott Wong at The Hill, the wake of the late-night government shutdown sent congressional members skittering all over town for their dinners:


Politico's Jake Sherman had the same scoop but mangled the name of the restaurant a little, allowing it to be confused with a raunchy-looking bar with much of the same name.



But there was booze aplenty at the tonier Acqua al 2. It just didn't have drinks with names like Budweiser on the menu.

At $14 a pop, Democrats celebrated the shutdown quite possibly with drinks such as:

Laird’s apple brandy, campari, and sweet vermouth
bring about a seasonal twist on the classic negroni.
In this rendition of a sazerac, rye, fernet, and
chocolate bitters create a smooth,
spirit-forward libation.
A fresh spin on a nuts and berries combines gin,
amaro nonino, orgeat, and blackberries to create a velvety and refreshing cocktail

They supped on a menu with entrees such as these:

Served with arugula and grape tomatoes
Tagliata alla Rucola 32
Grilled and sliced New York strip steak
topped with shaved parmigiano and
extra virgin olive oil
Disossata alla Robespierre 39
Grilled hand-carved ribeye steak
topped with rosemary, garlic, and
green peppercorn olive oil
Pollo con Erbe Aromatiche 24
Grilled double chicken breast,
rubbed with thyme, rosemary, and garlic
Costolette di Agnello alla Griglia 36
Grilled hand-cut lamb chops over mint pesto
with sautéed turnips and baby fennel
Filetto al Mirtillo 34
Hand-carved filet mignon cooked in a
blueberry reduction sauce
The filet mignon doesn't get the arugula.

Private rooms for weekend dinners at Acqua al 2 rent out on weekends at rates from $1,600 for the Mercatino Room to $3,000 for the Saletta Bianca. The Harold Black barroom rents out for $6,000.

And as White House press secretary Sarah Sanders noted, the whole thing painted a creepy picture:



Servicemen in hellholes like Afghanistan, stuck with their K-rats, are being denied phone calls home based on this shutdown, while Pelosi and company are going all tony. celebrating their shutdown with a sumptuous feast at Acqua al 2..

A government budget requires a certain number of votes to pass. Republicans have contributed virtually all of theirs. Democrats are refusing to cough up so much as ten of their own, making it their own shutdown in the name of illegals. They call illegals 'DREAMers' while they call ordinary Americans 'deplorables.' No wonder Pelosi and company couldn't be happier about the shutdown. It's obvious enough in how they chose to celebrate it in style.


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