Maybe Jim wants Rachel's job

The Jim Acosta Show, or the story of a journalist on a mission to argue with President Trump, took its act to the Roosevelt Room.

During a photo-op session with visiting President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Jim Acosta decided to make noise.  He started screaming questions about whether the president wants immigrants only from white countries.

It was too much, and Jim Acosta of CNN got thrown out:

President Trump kicked CNN star Jim Acosta out of the Oval Office Tuesday after the network's senior White House correspondent badgered him with racially charged questions.

Acosta has made a habit of grandstanding and interrupting when Trump and his surrogates are available to the media.  Tuesday was no exception, as Acosta yelled, "Mr. President[]" three times before finally getting Trump's attention.

"Did you say that you want more people to come in from Norway?  Did you say that you wanted more people from Norway?  Is that true Mr. President?" Acosta frantically shouted.

"I want them to come in from everywhere ... everywhere.  Thank you very much everybody," Trump responded as Acosta continued to bark questions.

"Just Caucasian or white countries, sir?  Or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world ... people of color[?]" Acosta shouted.

Trump then pointed directly at Acosta and simply said, "Out!"

Acosta then went out and said this is what happens in other countries.  Really, Jim?

Let me share a couple of thoughts about this silly man.

First, thank God that Jim Acosta never did this to President Obama.  His colleagues would have called him rude and obnoxious.

Second, maybe Jim Acosta wants to replace Rachel Maddow and do this every night.

Why not?  Rachel and Jim back to back on MSNBC!

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