Joe Arpaio shaping up to be the Roy Moore of Arizona

Joe Arpaio is a former longtime sheriff in Arizona known for his tough policies against illegal aliens.  Good for him! Now he is running for the Senate in Arizona.  The loss of his race for re-election as sheriff doesn't seem like a logical stepping stone to run for the U.S. Senate. Joe Arpaio is 85 years old.  Forgive my age-ism, but the U.S. Senate is a game for the young – for people in their 60s and 70s, not their mid-80s. Even worse, Arpaio's entering the race looks nearly certain to hand the Senate seat to a RINO, or even worse, to a Democrat. Before Arpaio's entry, the leading contender was Kelli Ward, a conservative state senator endorsed by Mark Levin who ran against John McCain in the primary and lost.  Ward is now running for the open seat created by Jeff Flake, a seat some might argue is open even while Flake is still in office. Ward's main opponent in the primary was, before Arpaio entered,...(Read Full Post)