It takes some nerve for liberals to lecture Trump about foreign policy!

We are being treated to endless warnings on how dangerous Trump's treats are on Iran and North Korea. It reminds me of the way liberals reacted to Reagan.  They said he would start the Third World War.  Instead, he brought peace and prosperity to the world for 25 years while ending the Cold War. Appeasement has worked so well with North Korea and Iran, hasn't it?  We appeased the North Koreans for over twenty years while they built up their nuclear arsenal and military, and Trump is being lectured that what he is doing is dangerous?  Obama and his administration ignored human rights abuse in Iran and lifted up the mullahs by giving them hundreds of billions, and Trump is being lectured on how to handle Iran?  It appears that Obama he also let Hezb'allah have a drug-running operation in the U.S. to fund terrorism to appease Iran, and the media are lecturing Trump that what he is doing is dangerous? It is a shame that so many...(Read Full Post)