In stark contrast to Obama, Trump looks to foment revolution in Iran

In 2009, when millions took to the streets in Iran to protest a rigged election, President Obama remained relatively silent, refusing to encourage the protesters and giving tacit approval to the subsequent brutal crackdown by Iranian authorities.  Many on the left applauded this policy of non-interference, claiming that because Iranians hated the U.S. so much, any support to the protests given by an American president would be counterproductive. Donald Trump is receiving some of the same advice today.  The underlying assumption of American policy for more than 30 years has been that the Iranian revolution and the theocratic regime are permanent and the U.S. must accept the extremist Islamists currently in power. Trump has rejected that longstanding policy, and in addition to his strong support for the demonstrators being cut down in the streets, his administration is keeping a close eye on the progress of protesters, looking to take advantage of any opportunity to...(Read Full Post)