Holocaust-denying NYT offers 'A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews'

You would think that a newspaper that helped cover up the Holocaust, the murder of six million Jewish people, would show a little hesitancy before publishing an op-ed entitled "A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews."

This insidious piece is authored by the New York Times' pet "conservative," Bret Stephens.  Stephens claims he is merely conducting a "thought experiment."  He says that Jewish immigrants from the early 20th century had much the same characteristics as Muslim and third-world immigrants of today, so banning Muslims today is like banning Jews in the past.

Stephens claims that some Jews who came to America harbored communist views.  True.  He implies we are meant to compare that to Muslims who believe in sharia law.  But there is a difference.

Jews who came to America, even communist Jews, did not blow up the Empire State Building or drive cars into crowds.  They did not murder people screaming, "Moses is great!" or "Abraham is great!"  Some of them had awful views, and they probably had equally awful voting records, but that's as far as it went, for most of them (except, admittedly, for the awful Rosenbergs).

Stephens also claims that Jews who came to America did not assimilate in succeeding generations.  He must not have been paying attention.  Does Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin look unassimilated?  How about former attorney general Michael Mukasey?  William Shatner?  Jerry Seinfeld?

Stephens also claims that Jews who came to America were uneducated.  Some were, but many weren't.  Furthermore, Jews valued education and quickly became among the most educated segment of the country, despite rampant discrimination.

Nor can you go around the country and find Jewish "barrios" where all signs are in Yiddish.  When you call a business on the phone, you never have to "press 1 for English" in order to avoid a voice menu in Hebrew.  The Jews, clearly, have assimilated.

So Stephens's comparison is entirely false.  Many Muslims who come here don't assimilate, and many not only have radical views, but even act on them, murdering Americans.  As for other "third-world" immigrants, many of them are not only illiterate in English, but illiterate in their own languages as well.

Stephens calls Attorney General Jeff Sessions a "bigot" for having legitimate security concerns about immigrants from Muslim countries.  Stephens, a recent arrival at the New York Times, was formerly a mouthpiece at the Wall Street Journal and was quite at home with the open-borders corporatist crowd that wants cheap imported labor.

The biggest falsehood in Stephens's piece is that Jews were welcomed to the United States in earlier times, but Muslims are blocked now.  In fact, Jews were prevented from coming into the country during the Holocaust, and many of them died because of it.  Muslims, by contrast, have several dozen Muslim countries to choose from if they want to get out of their own...holes of origin.

It's sad to watch Stephens trying to use the suffering of the Jews as a passport to import more Muslims into this country.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.