Hannity: DOJ is recovering missing Strzok-Page texts

Sean Hannity of Fox News broke the news last night that at least some of  the 5 months of missing text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are being recovered. There are no details at all, and no indication of whether all of the missing messages or only a few may see the light of day. Hannity links together the FBI's desire to keep the 4-page House Intelligence Committee memo secret and Robert Mueller's plan to interview President Trump.

Here is his complete 8 minute report:

As Hannity notes, this is taking place in the context of Robert Mueller planning – and President Trump proclaiming his willingness – to take face to face testimony from the POTUS in his “Russia Collusion” investigation.

Meanwhile, Matt Drudge sent out a provocative tweet last night, implying that some sort of final showdown may be underway:



We are cursed – or, I suspect, blessed – to live in interesting times.