Good news: Obama plans to mess up Democrats' 2018 chances by campaigning for them

Obama is upset that President Trump is revoking his executive orders, reducing tax rates, opening ANWR, appointing conservative judges, and eliminated the Obamacare individual mandate.  Trump has spurred the economy and the stock market.  Companies are giving raises, increasing the hiring rate, and giving employees bonuses because of the corporate tax cuts.  This is good for America but bad for the Obama legacy.  Obama cannot accept that his "legacy" of high taxes, Obamacare, and a flat economy is being shredded. Obama wants to protect what he perceives as a good legacy.  Thus, in addition to criticizing President Trump at every opportunity, at home and abroad, Obama plans to actively campaign during the 2018 congressional and local elections to defeat candidates who support President Trump. This was discussed here at American Thinker by Monica Showalter on January 19 in a blog post that describes Obama as acting like a...(Read Full Post)