Dramatic video of gang armed robbery in an expensive Chicago neighborhood

The locally oriented website CWBChicago provides a valuable instructional video for its readers in fashionable, upscale Chicago neighborhoods who (quite realistically) fear the ongoing predation by gangs running rampant elsewhere in the city, making it the murder capital of America.  A compelling security camera video released by the Chicago Police Department depicts a gang driving into Wicker Park – an expensive area with great shopping attracting many pedestrians (and a Hollywood film named after it) – and carrying out an armed robbery on a pedestrian.

The video is provided as a way for residents to minimize their danger:

One of the best ways to train your gut instinct is to learn how street criminals operate.

Around 12:45 p.m. on Friday, a carload of robbers turned onto the 1600 block of North Honore.  The suspects immediately spotted a potential victim walking in their direction.

Their next move is an all-too-common maneuver for criminals: The driver quickly turned into an alley ...

I recommend reading the entire explanation in CWB before viewing the video:

Kudos to the Chicago P.D. for producing this video.  May it help catch the bad guys, though I am not optimistic, since "snitches get stitches."

Readers of CWB already understand that the city's "catch and release" policy toward felons, granting them bail to keep the jails from being overcrowded, keeps on the streets people like this.

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