Dr. Media examining Trump? Why not examine Obama instead?

Many in the media along with other Democrats say Trump is mentally incompetent and needs his head examined.

I believe that the people who actually need their heads examined are Obama and all the journalists and Democrats who supported him, no matter what he did.

Obama was paranoid, delusional, and a power-hungry autocrat who didn't care about equal justice, his oath to enforce laws, the Constitution, economic opportunity for all, or the safety of the people.


Obama wiretapped James Rosen, threw Dinesh D'Souza in jail, and spied on Sharyl Attkisson.  If you were an opponent of Obama, you weren't safe.  I did not see supporters thrown in jail.

The State Department deliberately deleted embarrassing questions from James Rosen about Iran.  (The media and Democrats didn't care.)

Obama illegally spied on thousands of Americans for years and spied on his political opponent, Trump.

Obama changed the rules so that members of his staff and bureaucrats could illegally unmask people's names and illegally leak conversations to the media.  There was no punishment by the Justice Department, and somehow there were no leaks surrounding Hillary or Obama.

Obama compared Tea Party members to domestic terrorists, and his IRS clearly targeted them, violating free speech rights.

The Justice Department threatened legal action against those who disagree that mankind is responsible for changes in the global climate.


He said when he was elected that sea levels would stop rising.  He was so delusional that he would go around the world saying that if the people and businesses just handed over trillions of dollars, politicians could control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever.

Obama was either delusional or a congenital liar when he went around the U.S., repeating over and over that you could keep your doctor and health care plan and that your premiums would go down if Obamacare passed.  He also lied when he said middle-class taxes would not be raised under Obamacare.

Either he was delusional to believe that government is the best way to grow the economy or he didn't care what was coming out of his mouth.

Autocrat and power-hungry

He issued regulations at a fast pace to transfer control from the private sector to the government.  As it was clear that the economy was recovering at the slowest rate in seventy years, Obama just kept adding regulations and usurping power from the people, showing that he either is either a really slow learner or just wanted power and didn't care that he was reducing economic opportunities for the poor and the middle class.

He and the Democrats passed a bill that dictatorially told 100% of the American people what type of health policy they had to buy.  If they didn't do as they were told, they were fined.

He dictatorially threatened to cut off funds from schools if they didn't allow boys and girls to expose themselves in whichever locker room or restroom they chose, notwithstanding which anatomical parts they possessed.

No matter how many times pipelines passed environmental standards, he just said no.

Equal justice for all

Clapper, Brennan, Hillary, Rice, Huma, and Holder all committed perjury, and they were never prosecuted.

Hillary and her aides continually violated the nation's security laws, and they were purposely not charged.

Lois Lerner and others at the IRS committed perjury, destroyed records and computers, and violated people's constitutional rights, and Justice didn't charge them.

Obama said there wasn't a smidgen of evidence of wrongdoing at IRS and didn't see anything Hillary and others did at the State Department that jeopardized the safety of the U.S.  The "independent" Justice Department did what it was told by not charging anyone.

His oath to enforce laws and the Constitution

Obama repeatedly said he didn't have the right to unilaterally change immigration laws but did it anyway.

When Arizona wanted to enforce immigration laws, he sued the state.

When sanctuary cities refused to enforce laws on the books, he supported them.

When states passed sensible voter ID laws, Obama sued them.  (States' rights seem important to Democrats only when they comport with the Democrat agenda.)

The IRS violated conservative free speech rights, and Obama supported it (probably instructed the agency).

The Justice Department sued the Little Sisters of the Poor for daring to exercise their freedom of religion.

And the supposedly independent Justice Department did exactly what Obama instructed it to do.

Didn't care about the safety of people

Pulled out all troops from Iraq, letting the terrorist organization ISIS build up.

Essentially did nothing to stop North Korea from continually developing nuclear weapons.

Failed to live up to our commitment to help Ukraine.

Drew a fictitious red line in Syria.

Built up Iran, which continues to threaten death to America and death to Israel and supports terrorism throughout the world and the Mideast.

One of the most disgusting things Obama did as president

On September 11, 2012, there was an attack happening on American people in Benghazi.  Despite Obama, Hillary, and others having no idea how long the attack would last, they did not lift a finger to help save those lives.  Instead, they seemed to spend the night figuring out how to protect their political power because a terrorist attack would be inconvenient that close to an election.  Therefore, they concocted a lie about a video causing the attack and sent Susan Rice out to tell the world the lie.

It shows that Hillary and Obama have zero empathy.  They wouldn't tell the families of those who lost loved ones the truth.  Their power was much more important to them than those who suffered.

My choice

I will gladly take a president who leads from ahead, who follows laws that Congress has passed, and who is striving to give the power and purse back to the people as fast as he can.  His mental capacity to produce results appears to be spectacular.

Here is a hint for the media: the president who is seeking to reduce regulations as fast as he can and give the power and purse back to the people is not the power-hungry autocrat.  Obama was the autocrat and the power-hungry man, and the media and other Democrats supported him at all times.

A side note

Black unemployment hit a record low in December.  I would think the media and other Democrats would be celebrating, but instead, their goal is to destroy the president who wants to give economic opportunity to everyone.  That is more proof that Democrats want more people to be dependent on government and that they would rather oppress than progress.

Correction: James Rosen was wiretapped, not imprisoned

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