Does the Washington Post understand the 'rule of law'?

What a joke!  The Washington Post editorialized that Republicans are trying to undermine the rule of law because they dare question the FBI and Justice Department on their motives and methodology used to justify spying on a political opponent.  Evidence now clearly shows the Justice Department did everything they could to elect Hillary and destroy Trump, abusing the FISA Court to weaponize the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement apparatus.

The editorial is titled:

GOP leaders’ complicity grows as their members undermine the rule of law

For eight years the Washington Post and most of the media not only never cared as Obama and Democrats undermined the rule of law; they supported them as they did it.

Here is a partial list of things the Post never gave a darn about clear violations of law and Democrats not holding the President to account:

  • When Obama unilaterally changed immigration law.
  • The clear targeting of Tea party and conservative groups at IRS.
  • When the Justice Department didn’t charge anyone at IRS after the President said he didn’t see a smidgen of evidence that IRS did anything wrong ( The “Independent” Justice Department always did what they were told by Obama).
  • When Holder, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, Comey all committed perjury and were never held to account.
  • When sanctuary cities were allowed to clearly ignore immigration laws that Congress passed and the Justice Department sued Arizona for actually wanting to enforce immigration laws.
  • When Hillary and her staff clearly and continuously violated FOIA and security laws and were allowed to skate after Obama said he didn’t see anything Hillary did that endangered the country.
  • When Obama clearly and intentionally violated security laws by corresponding with Hillary on her private server and lied about it. Of course Justice also allowed him to skate. 
  • When Obama illegally spied on 1,000’s of Americans for years.
  • When Justice and FBI appears to have used a Democrat-paid-for dossier as justification to spy on Trump and his staff.
  • When Obama’s staff illegally unmasked people around Trump and illegally leaked phone calls.

But now the Washington Post is outraged that Republicans are undermining the rule of law because heaven forbid they are asking the Justice Department to explain what they did. What a load of crap. 

Senator Richard Blumenthal, who made up his Viet Nam combat experience, says we have a constitutional crisis because of an unverified story that Trump may have considered firing Mueller. He is a truly idiotic senator when he says we have a constitutional crisis when someone wasn’t fired but when he may have considered firing someone. 

The actual constitutional crisis is when we had a president and others surrounding him that continually ignored the rule of law or actually violated the rule of law and a Justice Department which chose who to prosecute not based on rule of law but based on an agenda or party affiliation. 

The Washington Post and others should stop pretending they care about laws or equal treatment under the law based on all their writings the past nine years. 

We are supposed to be a country based on the rule of law and I hope we get back to that. Nothing the Republicans are doing undermines the rule of law. They are trying to make the Justice Department follow the rule of law instead of clearly targeting those they don’t like. 

Here is an interesting tidbit:

“Newly released text messages between controversial anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reveal several leaks of confidential information to Wall St. Journal reporter, Devlin Barrett, who is now with the Washington Post.”