Dems open door to tax-free 'donations' to restaurants, car dealerships, and gun-sellers

Liberals are distinctly unhappy with the limits on the deductibility of state and local taxes contained in the new tax law.  The $10,000 cap on local deductions means that many of "the rich" will have to pay more taxes.  This confuses me because: 1) I thought liberals hated "the rich"; 2) I thought liberals loved higher taxes, because that's what needed to fund essential government services; 3) I thought liberals didn't mind if people in blue states paid higher taxes than people in red states, because the hallmark of a progressive tax system is one where some people pay vastly more than others without getting any increase in benefits. But liberals don't like it, and when they don't like a federal law, they declare themselves immune to it.  And now liberals have cooked up a way to become states that are sanctuaries not only from immigration officials, but also from federal income taxes! Kirk Stark, a law professor at...(Read Full Post)