Democrats lose another big moneybag donor as Tom Steyer exits in a huff

Tom Steyer has had it up to here. Not with us Republicans, it seems, but with his own Democrats, and he now plans to cut off their nose to spite their faces. The leftwing billionaire hedge fund speculator has announced he won't be bankrolling the Democratic National Committee as he has in the past, based on his dissatisfaction with congressional Democrats' refusal to continue the government shutdown and go down with it. He wanted them to just keep it shut, never mind that the public wasn't with him. Get a load of his reasoning as reported by the Washington Examiner:

Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer will halt donations to the national Democratic Party committees after members of the caucus voted to re-open the federal government despite failing to secure an immigration deal for Dreamers.

“I don’t have a litmus test on any one thing, but I do have a litmus test for elected officials standing on principle and doing the right thing, looked at holistically," Steyer told Fortune in an article published online Thursday. "And I want to say that after the DACA vote, I have decided not to give anything to the national party committees."

Standing on principle? On principle? This from the guy who calls for higher taxes yet has tax liens owed to the federal government? He doesn't even pay the taxes he owes and yet wants more of them. Only little people pay taxes, see.

It's all part of his general oafishness around public opinion. A rich guy, of course he doesn't care what the public wants, even if they vote. Last year he ran a $20 million television campaign calling for the impeachment of President Trump, which got viewers flipping the channel or turning the sound down across the country. Now he wants Democrats to repeat the act of getting the public to loathe them, by keeping the government shut down.

You wonder why the Democrats stray so badly to the left and well, the reality is, it's guys like Steyer who are propelling it. Steyer, according to this press account, has given $400,000 to the Democrats over the years, so he will be missed. What's more, Democrats are still suffering from the loss of Harvey Weinstein to their donor base, so Steyer is another blow to their supposedly inevitable 'wave' election come November at the midterms. It's true, as President Trump showed, that money isn't the only factor in who wins elections, but Democrats believe this so it will be a morale blow if not just a constraint on resources.

Already their fundraising is down. Steyer's exit (along with his insults) will make it downer. Maybe Steyer will contribute more to individual candidates he can manipulate like puppets instead of the broader Democratic Party which has to look at the big picture and the broader polls. If so, it could be a poison pill to such candidates' prospects. In any case, Democrats have been fools to allow Steyer to be their Daddy Warbucks. Maybe he's doing them a favor.



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