Democrats holding DACA 'dreamers' hostage

Democrats are holding hostage 2 million illegal immigrants they pretend to champion. Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem for our country. The most recent challenge comes from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) issue. First, we were told there were 800,000 people covered by that description. Now, President Trump has offered Democrats a deal that more than doubles the number of people who could take advantage of a pathway to citizenship. In other words, in addition to the approximately 800k “dreamers” who have applied for DACA protection since 2012, one million more illegal immigrants could take advantage of the Trump proposal.

It means a major concession on the part of the President. In exchange for his generosity he’s requesting money to build the wall and an end to chain migration. But it seems that’s not enough for the extremist base of the Democratic Party, because they’d rather keep 2 million people in limbo in order to have the issue to use against Republicans in the 2018 elections. This whole idea of making Americans feel guilty about sending people back to their respective countries if they are here illegally is just a red herring to distract from the fact that Democrats are losing votes across the country, hence, they feel the need to import new voters. Inflammatory rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi about Trump wanting “to make America white again” is just about as low as a politician can stoop in an attempt to divide our country.

To throw this racial canard into the fray is merely an evil ploy to circumvent our laws and create instability in the body-politic of our nation. How can we call ourselves a country if we can’t control our borders. Every sovereign nation has the right and the duty to protect itself from invaders. Sure, it breaks my heart when I see someone crying because they are being deported. Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s happening because they either came here illegally, or they came on a visa and then refused to go back. How many other countries would tolerate such disrespect from millions of aliens?

Speaking of disrespect, how do they think Americans feel when they see illegal immigrants protesting our laws, in our country, while they carry their flag and burn ours? If they tried to get away with that in other countries, theirs included, they’d probably be shot or dumped into a filthy prison cell. As President Trump often points out, America has been taken advantage of for much too long. If they’re going to show contempt for the very country they’re struggling to reside in, they’re going about it in the wrong way. Moreover, they’re making it appear as though all illegals are as contemptuous as they are. If they love our country enough to go through hell to get here, that should be the message they transmit to their hosts.

Like most people, I don’t like being called a bigot or a racist on the basis of my opinion that immigrants should show us the respect of coming here legally. Nevertheless, there may be a good argument for DACA residents to be given a special break. Evidently, President Trump thinks so, too. His only condition is that we do something to stop the illegal invasion so we don’t have to face this issue again in a few years. During a saner time in our history that would be viewed as very reasonable. Not anymore! Instead, from the Democrats it’s allegations of one “ism” or another. I’ll conclude by saying, for the overwhelming majority of Americans, this has nothing whatever to do with hating any racial groups.