Dem women to wear black to SOTU address to celebrate sexual harassment

Democratic women in Congress have vowed to wear black to the State of the Union address.  Some people think this is an effort to embarrass President Trump, but what it is really about is a celebration of sexual harassment in Congress.

Female Democratic lawmakers are working to keep the spotlight on the issue of sexual harassment by inviting their colleagues to wear black to President Trump's State of the Union address at the end of the month.

Led by Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), the protest seeks to call attention to abuses of power in the workplace[.]

Except in the United State Congress.

Wearing black is an excellent theater performance in virtue-signaling.  It accomplishes nothing but lets the audience know that the person wearing the costume is noble.  In reality, every Democratic woman wearing black will be wearing that color to celebrate sexual harassment in Congress, something they have been willing conspirators in, sometimes for decades.

1. They kept the secret of John Conyers harassing women for decades.  He allegedly harassed woman after woman after woman, and people like Jackie Speier bravely kept their silence, allowing Conyers to molest one woman after another.  Even after Conyers was outed, Nancy Pelosi still called him an "icon."  Yes, he was an icon indeed...of a geriatric sexual predator.

2. People like Kirsten Gillibrand accepted endorsements and support from the Clintons as recently as last year.  I think the women who wear black should also get out their rusty "I'm with Her" buttons to remind us that they had no problems endorsing the enabler of the former sexual harasser (and possibly rapist) in chief.

3. Al Franken has been squeezing bottoms, and tops, for years, and Democrats have covered for him.

4. Perhaps the greatest abuser of women in the Congress was Teddy Kennedy, whom liberals still call the "Lion of the Senate" and make no apologies for, even after he left that poor girl to drown in the river.

Why doesn't Speier, instead of putting on a black dress, name names and tell us who the sexual harassers are?  That would require courage.  That would require conviction.  That would require friendly fire, which Speier is not prepared to engage in.  So instead, she and the chorus of silent Democratic women will virtue-signal to Donald Trump.  Their wardrobe coordination will secretly celebrate the past, current, and ongoing sexual harassment in Congress, which they refuse to fight outside the world of fashion.

Exit question: What if instead of wearing black, they came to the State of the Union with tape over their mouths and carried signs that read, "What happens in Congress stays in Congress"?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at