Delusional Illinois Democratic gubernatorial candidates promising the moon to citizens

The state of Illinois is in the worst financial mess of any state in the union. The state owes billions in unpaid bills to vendors - most of them small businesses. The pension system is underfunded and is a ticking time bomb getting ready to explode. The state income tax is among the highest in the nation, the recently "reformed" school funding formula heavily favors the Chicago public schools while shortchanging suburban and rural schools, and the state legislature proceeds as if nothing was wrong. Democrats refused to enact any of Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's reforms, which included pension reform, tax cuts for the middle class, and property tax reform. Rauner, looking to change the "pay to play" culture in Springfield, stood firm for his reforms. But Democrats refused to vote a state budget for two years. In the end, Democrats got their way and passed a budget with a hefty increase in taxes. In short, the state is broke. But you'd...(Read Full Post)