Christians were right about sexuality...but this is no time to gloat

Over at the conservative website RedState, author Sarah Rumpf wrote this provocative thought (emphasis in original): There are many of us on the right who rolled our eyes when social conservatives warned that gay marriage would be a slippery slope, and soon liberals would be advocating for pedophilia and bestiality and mercy knows what else. It would be really great if the activist left would stop working so hard to prove their critics right. Rumpf, who identifies herself as a conservative who "support[s] gay rights," is complaining about the shocking exploitation of a nine-year-old boy by sexually progressive magazine Teen Vogue. Described by the magazine as "impressive and magical," nine-year-old Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden has been turned into a drag queen named "Queen Lactatia."  Nine years old.  Drag queen.  That's just half a year older than one of my daughters.  This manipulation and...(Read Full Post)