Cher gives Sarah Sanders advice on how to dress

Cher, one of the Hollywood stars most beloved by drag queens worldwide, is giving advice on how to dress to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.



Which is fairly rich, coming from someone who's dressed, as Sanders's father, Mike Huckabee put it, "like a cigarette girl in a casino."

Cher, it should be noted, has done a bit more than made herself the queen of cheese through her choices of dress. As she berates Sarah Sanders for her professionl dress as befits a White House press secretary, Cher has dressed up like a Playboy bunny posing with a small child in matching gear, as Andrew Marcus noted in this tweet here:




Chicks on the Right has a superb photo anthology of Cher's other dress choices.

But what I see here is not just a fool who not only has no idea how to dress, but whose foolishness is embedded in her desire to tell others how to dress. Note her creepy Twitter bio which contains manic commands, great and small, to the public:

She has an abnormal desire to want to micromanage others' lives in her exhortations to 'don't little, chew gum, walk past homeless PPL w/out Smile.' And this is her bio as she presents herself the world. Seriously, it looks like the gibberings of someone seriously unhinged, not even a cigarette girl, but a bag lady.

Her abuse of Sanders isn't normal, either. After the fat-shaming of Sanders went down like a lead balloon from the left, Cher seems to want to 'dress-shame' Sanders. What this is is bullying. The left of course in its snowflake incarnation yells loudest about bullying, but it's obvious that the bullying is a thing with the left.

It's pitiful, really. Cher was once a flamboyant bad singer and for a brief time, an A-List actress. Now she's none of that, out bullying the White House press secretary who couldn't give such a non-entity the time of day. All the same, she seems convinced she is still worth listening to as she was in her heyday before she became a parody of herself, a drag queen's favorite.

It calls to mind Francois de La Rouchefoucauld's statement about such people:

The common foible of woman who was once handsome is to forget she is no longer so. - Francois de La Rouchefoucauld, Maxims

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