By a single vote, New Hampshire permits teens not to want to be gay

A recent trend in many states is to outlaw "conversion therapy," where people who are unhappy with homosexual inclinations go through therapy to dispense with those inclinations.  Even though the process is voluntary, liberal states cannot tolerate the idea of someone with same-sex attractions wanting help to get rid of them.

In the U.S., state governments are beginning to outlaw conversion therapy in growing numbers.  California became the first to do so in 2012.  Eight other states have banned it in some form since.  In 2017 alone, Nevada, New Mexico, and Connecticut have signed their own bans into law.

Now New Hampshire, by a single vote, has failed to pass a bill that would have prevented teenagers with homosexual tendencies from getting therapy to get rid of those tendencies.

The bills sought to prohibit counselors from proposing or engaging in treatments to change a minor's sexual orientation or gender identity [sic].  The House bill was defeated by one vote, 166-165, after House [s]peaker Gene Chandler, a Republican, broke a tie.  The Senate version of the bill, which the House was voting on as well, was also narrowly defeated, 170-169, with Mr. Chandler's vote.

Opponents said the bill could have prevented minors from discussing "unwanted" same-sex attraction with a qualified counselor.

"Now, I would be against coercive therapy, but what about those who want help from a professional?" Representative Mark Pearson, a Republican, said while addressing lawmakers on Tuesday ahead of the vote.

The bill is "unnecessary at best," he added, "and quite possibly harmful to youngsters [who] want an honest conversation."

It's interesting that liberals want children to be able to take dangerous hormones and to mutilate their bodies if they "feel" they are a different sex, but if children with homosexual inclinations "feel" the desire to develop attractions for members of the opposite sex, liberals want to close off all avenues of help for them.

Liberals claim that sexuality is immutable, but that is obviously false when you have actresses like Ann Heche who date Steve Martin for years, then Ellen DeGeneres, then change back to dating men.  If dating Steve Martin can make you into a lesbian, then obviously, sexual orientation is a choice.

This is part of a trend of state-sponsored coercion to push homosexuality and self-mutilation while discouraging heterosexuality.  If it can almost happen in New Hampshire, a "purple" state currently run by a Republican legislature, it can happen almost anywhere.

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