But Obama said manufacturing jobs wouldn't come back...

U.S. manufacturing expanded in December at the fastest pace in three months, as gains in orders and production capped the strongest year for factories since 2004, the Institute for Supply Management said Wednesday.

But the smartest president we’ve ever had, Barack Obama, said manufacturing was never coming back.  So did the really smart people in the media.  Obama wouldn't have been wrong, would he?

Of course, Obama and Hillary set out to destroy the coal industry, and Trump is saving it, also. 

On a side note: I assumed that when Trump approved the Keystone XL pipeline, pulled out of the Paris Accord, opened up more drilling, and reinvigorated the coal industry, the ice would have melted by now, and this winter would have been much warmer, with no snow.

Why was I wrong?  I am sure that Al Gore, Obama, and all the bureaucrats and politicians who support the Paris Accord have the answer.  I hear that Chicago is going to hit an all-time record of consecutive days where the high doesn't reach 20 degrees.  I assume they have stopped breathing, driving, and using fossil fuels to heat their houses and offices.