Bubba Clinton lost the nuclear codes and then tried to hide it

Reminding us once again that we dodged a bullet, or maybe a nuke, when we rejected Hillary Clinton for president, news is out that Bill Clinton lost the nuclear codes intended to protect America from a nuclear attack.  After that, he then tried to hide it.  The story can be read in Business Insider, which fished that detail up from a 2010 book. Shelton and Cohen feared [that] the saga would reach the press and become an embarrassing story.  But word of the missing codes never made it out, and Shelton's recounting of it in his 2010 book was, to his knowledge, the first time it had been shared publicly. "This is a big deal – a gargantuan deal – and we dodged a silver bullet," Shelton writes, adding: "You do whatever you can and think you have an infallible system, but somehow someone always seems to find a way to screw it up." This is the spouse of the woman whose mishandling of all the classified information of the...(Read Full Post)