Black racists enraged by Malia Obama's white boyfriend

Malia Obama, who is studying at Harvard University, has a boyfriend!  But some black people on Twitter have questioned her choice in men, because Malia's new homey, Rory Farquharson, is white.

This racism on the part of some in the black community, who are bruddas and sistas to us all, is very sad.  Most white people want us to grow together as a community.  I just wish everyone of all races felt the same way.

Questions for discussion:

After years of Obama's race-baiting, President Trump is the first "post-racial" president to follow him.  What do you think President Trump could do to begin the healing process?  Is this a "teachable moment" that President Trump could use to get the Democrats to disavow black racism?  How do we get all black people to value the diversity of boyfriends and girlfriends as much as we do?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at