At Davos, top British leftist claims Venezuela's problem is that it was not socialist enough

Nothing's more bat-brained or dishonest than a British leftist. And John McDonnell, one of the most arrogant, fanatical - and powerful -of them, is out showing it. "I think in Venezuela they took a wrong turn, a not particularly effective path, not a socialist path. The admitted Marxist and top Labour Party leader said this at Davos, no less, staying in a $1,400 a night hotel room. So Venezuela collapsed, not because it was a socialist hellhole, but because it wasn't socialist enough? By his logic, then the even-less-socialist U.S. should be in even worse shape. Actually, his argument is one that's been done before among Marxists, as when Bill Ayers, asked about the bombs he set to make a socialist revolution, replied that he wasn't ashamed of setting off bombs, he thought he actually hadn't "done enough." Tom Wolfe has noted that socialists calling for revolution, when asked about the failures of socialism, reply "oh, but ours...(Read Full Post)