Apocalypse: More companies hiring, more Americans keeping their own money

The first thought I had when I heard that Apple is going to spend only $350 billion over five years was that this is the Armageddon that Pelosi warned us about.  Apple is talking about hiring only 20,000 more people.  How could tidbits like this possibly help the economy?  Chuck Schumer was right: letting people and businesses keep more of the money they earn is going to be a big loser for Republicans. How will Republicans be able to explain this bad news?  This is, after all, just a P.R. stunt by Apple.  We know that businesses will never share the money from lower taxes with their workers or hire more people.  There is no way it will trickle through the economy. Then I learned that Apple is giving $2,500 bonuses, and there it was: more bad news.  Pelosi and others can complain about how these bonuses are just meaningless crumbs.  Millions of bonuses and raises will be hard to explain...(Read Full Post)