Another liberal defends Kim Jong-un

If you have only heard of the band Green Day, consider yourself lucky.  If you have actually heard their music, consider yourself punished for no reason.  This past weekend, the rock band's lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, posted a picture on his Instagram account of Trump's tweet saying his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong-un's.

Kim made a comment in a New Year's Day address on television.  In the address, he mentioned that he is willing to "open dialogue" with South Korea.  Then, as most narcissistic dictators do, he threw in some fear-mongering about his nuclear capabilities, even though his rockets often take an embarrassing bath in the Sea of Japan.  Armstrong blatantly ignored Kim's threats of killing Americans through a nuclear attack and decided to attack our president instead.

Armstrong valiantly came to the rescue of Kim Jong-un.  He stated in the Instagram post that Trump is acting like a "madman drunk on power."  But Armstrong left out a few things.

The first thing not mentioned was the threatening comment Kim made to the United States: "[t]he entire mainland of the U.S. is within the range of our nuclear weapons, and the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office."  I guess that doesn't matter to Armstrong.

Secondly, Armstrong said Trump wanted to "kill innocent starving people" with nuclear weapons.  Perhaps he should read what he typed about starving people.  The starving people he mentioned are emaciated because of the actual madman dictator, who threatens to nuke someone on a daily basis.

Thirdly, Kim stated in his dictatorial address that North Korea is going to "vaporize the mainland of the U.S."  Before Armstrong begins his Instagram rants, he needs to make sure he knows all of the news and the context behind what is being said.  Earlier this year, Kim threatened to send a missile and blow up Guam, a United States territory.  Yet Armstrong sees Trump as the maniac.

Armstrong is obviously so wrapped up in leftist politics that he doesn't see what kind of monster Kim is.  He is looking through the blue-colored lenses of Democrat glasses.  He also said the 25th Amendment should be invoked and applied to Trump because he is "sick" and "unfit" for office.  If Armstrong were asked at this moment what the 25th Amendment is and how it is applied, I am one hundred percent sure that he would not be able to answer correctly.

In 2004, Green Day came out with a hit song called "American Idiot."  Armstrong has lived up to the song title lately.

There is little that Armstrong could talk or sing about that matters.  He is uninfluential and literally wears eyeliner.  One of the very first albums for Green Day was titled Dookie.  And this guy is trying to invoke a constitutional amendment?

I feel that the song "Rocket Man" by Elton John is a little more appropriate in times like this.