And nobody knows what happened?

Something happened in Cuba last year, and we are still trying to figure out what it was.

Senator Marco Rubio is holding hearings and Secretary Rex Tillerson is hesitant to send diplomats down to the island, according to this report:

The United States would be "putting people intentionally in harm's way" if it sent diplomats back to Cuba, [s]ecretary of [s]tate Rex Tillerson says in an Associated Press interview, even as a new FBI report casts doubt on the initial theory that Americans there have been hit by "sonic attacks."

Following months of investigation and four FBI trips to Havana, an interim report from the bureau's Operational Technology Division says the probe has uncovered no evidence that sound waves could have damaged the Americans' health, the AP has learned. 

The report, dated Jan. 4, doesn't address other theories and says the FBI will keep investigating until it can show there's been no intentional harm.

Very interesting, as some famous person said.

This whole incident is weird because the victims were U.S. diplomats, and apparently a Canadian as well.

It would be easier to understand if various diplomats or embassies suffered similar problems.  Unfortunately, it was U.S. diplomats who were the victims of these "sonic attacks."

We hear that the Castro regime denies involvement.  At the same time, it's hard to believe that something like this could just happen in one of the world's toughest police states.

So who did it?  We are back to the "third country" theory, or an enemy of the U.S. taking advantage of the situation in Cuba.  Or maybe it was inside job trying to create a crisis between the U.S. and Cuba.

Something happened, and no one believes that it was crickets gone wild. 

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