Young conservatives club banned after posting video of classmates protesting the anthem

Members of the Young Conservatives Club at Edina High School in Minnesota have been banned after posting a video to a social media site showing some of their fellow classmates protesting the anthem during a Veterans Day assembly. The kids complained to their school principal when they received threats from a far left Antifa-sympathizing group for posting the video. Instead of going after the lefties for their threats, the principal banned the conservative club for "intolerance" and racism. The students are now suing the school district for violating their First Amendment rights. USA Today: School officials decided to ban the group after club members posted video of students protesting at the assembly on the social media app GroupMe, according to the lawsuit. Some of the comments to the GroupMe posting included disparaging and racist remarks about the protesters. The conservative students noted in their lawsuit that people who were not members of their...(Read Full Post)