Wow! Trump fights back, forces public apology from Washington Post writer for fake news

Just as Alabama voters are being admonished by their betters from Up North to vote against Roy Moore because the Washington Post published stories about his purported behavior forty years ago, one of that paper's most prominent writers has been forced by President Trump to admit he was fooled and published fake news. We have a Republican president like no other. Those of us who remember cringing as President George W. Bush declined to descend to the level of his critics during the Second Iraq War and allowed himself to be demonized down to miniscule levels of public opinion support are grateful for a POTUS who fights back. We are tired of our political leaders cowering before the might of media bullies and the grandees of the cultural elite. And boy, do we have the man for that job! Yesterday afternoon, President Trump responded on Twitter to Dave Weigel of the Washington Post, who attempted to mock Trump’s claims of a packed house in his Pensacola, Florida rally,...(Read Full Post)