Will Alabama voters believe accusations against Roy Moore when they go to the polls tomorrow?

Journalists and other Democrats are implying or stating that people, including President Trump, are unethical and immoral and don't care about abused women if they support or vote for Roy Moore.  Let's look at the origins of, and the lack of research and truthfulness in, the Roy Moore story itself: Roy Moore won the primary in Alabama despite not being endorsed by journalists and establishment Republicans.  After he won and after decades in public life, a story was published in the Washington Post with four women's names.  We are told the women didn't come forward themselves, so who gave the reporters the names, and why did they wait for decades to tell their stories? The only woman of the original four who had physical evidence was Beverly Young Nelson, and the actual evidence was only a signature and inscription in a 1977 yearbook that even she and her attorney Gloria Allred now admit was partially altered.  If they admit that...(Read Full Post)