Where in the world is the 'Big He'?

Why hasn't Bill Clinton donned a hair shirt and appeared in public, penitent and ashamed of his treatment of women over the decades?  Don't hold your breath.  Likely, he's hunkered down somewhere, trying to ride out the #MeToo storm.  With his protective guard and any number of hidey-holes, Bubba's unlikely to be smoked out and pressured to offer some Frankenesque drivel about things he might have done but doesn't remember or remembers differently.

Now that the dam has burst and it's safer to speak out, many on the left feel obligated, and some liberated, to confront their longstanding cognitive dissonance over Bill Clinton's misogyny.  That's a welcome though cynical ploy to stay ahead of the wave and show they are no longer in denial.

But as far as I can tell, aside from Mika Brzezinski, liberals are not calling on Clinton to actually step up and apologize for his sexual transgressions and aggressions.  (Recall ''You better put ice on that.")

Big Media have kept the former president from being a bigger part of the national conversation about powerful men using women, even though his actions make Franken and Conyers look like kids pulling girls' pigtails at recess.  Why?

Because he's still viewed as an icon, beloved by most Democrats and their media familiars.  If he publicly acknowledges his sins, he stigmatizes the party and the press organs that covered for him for decades.

Hillary wouldn't allow him to express remorse in any case, as her actions as "bimbo enforcer," the enabler-wife of a sexual predator, would come under renewed scrutiny.  She has her pride, and she hasn't given up on another run at the presidency.

I can imagine an oral historian twenty years from now coaxing an honest answer from Hillary about her marriage to Bill:

Sure, I knew what he was like almost from the beginning.  So why didn't I drop him?

It's not that complicated.  Did Bill take advantage of women?  Yes.  Did he ignore his duties to pursue tawdry affairs?  Of course.  Did the Secret Service restrain me from clocking him with a lamp?  Often.  I'm sure most Americans wanted me to slap him upside the head after Lewinsky.

I thought about leaving until I realized I could ride the scandal right into my own presidency, serving as a champion of the poor and helpless, the weak and the powerless – like the women he exploited.

In the end, Bill and I were two of a kind.  I could no more have divorced him or braced him before the world than announce I would cease running for president and return to Chappaqua to have tea and bake cookies until I die.

Steve Grammatico is the author of You Hear Me, Barack?  PC-Free Conservative Satire.
He blogs at youhearmebarack.blogspot.com.

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