We can thank a flawed jury system for the Steinle verdict

Much has been said about the acquittal of felonious invader José Inés García Zarate, the killer of young Kate Steinle, who died in her father's arms.  While most of the focus has been on "sanctuary cities" – a euphemism for treasonous, lawless cities – there perhaps has been no scrutiny of the people whose minds are too often a sanctuary from knowledge and reality: modern jurors. The problem stems from "The Error of Impartiality," which is the title of an essay on this very subject.  For what is often perceived in jurors as fairness is just fecklessness – of the moral variety. When choosing jurors, pains are taken to dismiss people with preconceived notions about the case.  But consider: if in question is a high-profile matter such as the O.J. Simpson or Steinle case, what kind of person would know nothing about it or have formed no opinions?  Does this reflect impartiality or just...(Read Full Post)