Watch AT co-founder debate the co-founder of the 'Electronic Intifada'

Last Thursday evening, I was part of a debate on the public television station WTTW in Chicago to discuss President Trump's decision to recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and begin the process of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  My debate "partner" was Ali Abunimah, a full-time Palestinian activist, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, and a supporter of a one-state solution.

Abunimah was asked about whether there is still a chance for Palestinians to gain a capital of their own in Jerusalem.  He avoided answering, since he does not favor two states, or two capitals for two nations. 

As should be clear from viewing the debate, for much of it, Abunimah spent his time slandering Israel, throwing out numerous untruths and distortions, much of it with little connection to the issue we were invited to discuss.  I chose to use my time to address the questions I was asked by the moderator on the supposed topic of the evening rather than debate the merits of each assault on Israel by Abunimah.

Panel discussions such as this one, limited to ten minutes in total, provide little time to make one's case, and often lies are left un-rebutted due to time constraints.