WaPo displays blatant anti-Israel bias (again)

In "Bomb targets subway in NYC" (12/12/17), the Washington Post chose to quote a pro-Islamic State media group, Maqdisi Media, which "suggested that it [the NYC terrorist attack] was carried out in response to Trump's recent statement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."  Doing the math, the terrorist attack occurred in NYC on the morning of December 11, 2017, and the president recognized Jerusalem on December 6, 2017, just five days earlier.

Does the Washington Post really believe that the attack was planned in less than five days rather than over weeks or months, which is the typical period of planning for such attacks?  Why would the Post publish such a blatant falsehood other than to promote an anti-Israel agenda?  The dubious assertion is a case of confirmation bias: reflexive agreement with a statement that supports one's pre-existing view.

This telling quote couldn't have made the Post's anti-Israel bias more obvious.  The paper should print a correction and conduct a serious internal investigation of its bias.

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