Twisting in the wind

While the whole country (for and against) wondered why President Trump didn't fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump had it all figured out: let Mueller hang himself.  Former A.G. Eric Holder's silly remark that firing Mueller wouldn't be tolerated was intended to bait Trump into doing just that so that Holder and BLM and Soros and the SEIU and Occupy and Creamer and all them other funny-named fellers and outfits could play berserko on the streets.

These nincompuppies simply don't grasp that Donald Trump is way smarter than they are and several steps ahead of them to boot.  So he looked on as Mueller lawyered up with 17 Democrat donors, toadies, and hired guns.  He bided his time as Mueller battered down the doors at Paul Manafort's place in the predawn hours and hauled out massive amounts of information that would prove useless in the effort to nail the president.  He bided his time as Mueller bankrupted Michael Flynn (Mueller, after all, has the unlimited resources of the government behind him).

Mueller has waded deeper and deeper into the swamp in search of something, anything, to warrant his expensive investigation.  Curiously, what's turned up in the interim has served only to paint the president in glistening, alabaster white.  Not only has nothing seriously wrong turned up, but nothing at all wrong has come out.  In his search for ghastly crimes, Robert Mueller has only proven that this administration may finally be the one promised for so long.  You know, the "most moral" and all that.

How many times must a crook look away until he is finally revealed?  The answer, my friend, is twisting in the wind.

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