Trump agrees to recruit the mentally ill for military service and pay for 'sex change operations'

Trump agrees to recruit the mentally ill and pay for sex-change operations

A few months ago, President Trump agreed to ban transvestites, the so-called "transgendered," from the military.  Obama, on his way out the door, had ordered these mentally ill people to be recruited into the military...but only after he left office.  Curious, that.

Anyway, when Trump announced a ban, there was a predictable lawsuit, and quickly enough, a Federal Appeals Court ruled that Trump had to start admitting the mentally ill as of January first.  This was reported last week.  But there's been a big development since then: the Trump administration has decided not to appeal the ruling and to drop the case entirely.

This ruling was not meant to be a final judgment on the issue.  It was preliminary injunction that prevents the government from banning the mentally ill from the military.

But guess what: it has become a final judgment because the Trump administration has withdrawn from the case!

In deciding not to appeal court rulings, the Trump administration has paved the way for transgender people to enlist in the U.S. military starting Monday.

The Department of Justice withdrew its legal challenge to several federal court rulings that blocked President Trump from banning transgender people from enlisting in the U.S. armed services.

If the Trump administration had taken this to the Supreme Court, it is very likely it would have prevailed.  There is no constitutional right for the mentally ill to be in the military, despite whatever name they invent for themselves.  Trump could even have gone to the Supreme Court right now to get the preliminary injunction stayed.

Instead, not only did Trump fold on the preliminary injunction, but he gave up on the entire case.

Now that the mentally ill are going to be admitted to the military (and given free "sex change operations"), you can bet that the military will become advocates for their inclusion and seek them out for recruitment.  They will be put in the middle of life-and-death situations and given control of dangerous weapons.  That's not a place for the mentally ill to be.

The next time you see a flattering news story about a mentally ill fighter pilot in charge of a billion-dollar bomber armed with nuclear warheads, think to yourself, "Thanks, President Trump!"

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