The Zarate verdict is an indictment of a failed leftist culture

The tragedy of the Zarate verdict lies not with external forces, but within the hearts and minds of those twelve San Francisco jurors, who, incapable of honestly applying fact to law, rendered a decision contrary to truth, law, and justice.  The problem with a verdict on Kate Steinle's death is not that we have illegal alien murderers among us.  It's that the citizens who sat on the jury suffer from such a degree of mental and cultural rot that they were unwilling to follow or incapable of following law and fact to a just verdict.  The battle is a cultural one rooted in institutions (academia and media) dominated and controlled by a leftist progressive ideology that has bankrupted the culture and enervated the capacity for moral and rational thought.  In communities, such as San Francisco, were such leftist ideologies dominate, not only is there mass unchecked third-world immigration, but being a victim of crime can also mean being a victim of injustice...(Read Full Post)