The US and the UN #1: Blowback for the General Assembly vote condemning the Jerusalem embassy move

Enemies of President Trump have portrayed the U.N. General Assembly vote condemning the U.S.'s embassy move (and declaring "null and void" – as if the U.N. had such power) as a global slap in the face of the United States.  Russia, with whom Democrats swear President Trump must be colluding, was particularly vociferous via its state-controlled RT:

The humiliating condemnation of the US this week at the UN General Assembly over its Jerusalem policy revealed both Washington's contempt for democracy and international law, and just how isolated America has become globally.

The overwhelming rejection of President Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital by 128 member nations at the UN is a signal event of how far US international standing has slumped.

Leader of the free world? More like a miscreant whose overbearing megalomaniacal ego is no longer tolerable to virtually everyone else.

I don't for a moment believe that Democrats who have been critical of the move (including many, like Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who voted for the law mandating this move) are "colluding" with Russia in attacking the president of the United States.

The fact is that the U.N. General Assembly is meaningless and can be ignored.  And for that reason, the nations voting there have felt free to gain goodwill from the 57 member-nations of the OIC – the club of officially Muslim countries – and thumb their noses at the U.S.

Until now.

When U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley told the General Assembly that the U.S. would not forget, she meant it, and so did her boss, President Trump.  And the world is starting to catch on that a new sheriff is in town, and things will be different.

Consider this article from The Times of India, where the government went along with the condemnation, probably in deference to the large Muslim population of that nation.  

BJP [the ruling party, based on Hinduism] MP Subramanian Swamy has again gone against the party line, this time saying India made "a huge mistake" voting in the UN against the US on the Jerusalem issue.
A large number of Indians on Twitter also seems to agree with Swamy, an unscientific perusal shows.

Swamy, a long-time supporter of Israel, said India voted against its national interest, because "Palestine has never supported India on Kashmir question", while Israel "has stood with India always".

Keeping in mind Ambassador Haley's threat:

India's vote, some seemed to think, will cost New Delhi support in its bid for permanent membership to the UN Security Council, a move broadly supported by the US and Israel, among others.

My guess is that it will, at least for a period of time.  Team Trump does not take slaps in the face well.  Actions must have consequences.

And the underlying reality is that India and Israel are natural allies who both realize their vast community of interests.

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to have struck up a noteworthy friendship on the former's visit to Israel in July. Modi's trip was replete with his now-famous hugs, sightseeing on beaches, references to yoga and a tonne of sentiments on the lines of "this is a marriage made in heaven".

And P.M. Netanyahu is said to be planning a visit to India to renew the friendship.

A correspondent for Israeli publication Haaretz mentioned that Netanyahu is, in fact, scheduled to visit India next month.

Israel's Netanyahu is far more likely to forgive and forget than President Trump.  In order to change the reflexive anti-Israel and anti-U.S. behavior at the U.N., there have to be consequences.  And I am rather confident that the next budget for the care and feeding of the United Nations bureaucracy will reflect some serious consequences as the U.S. reduces its disproportionate contributions.

The message will be received loud and clear.

Stay tuned to watch the body language of India at the U.N. start to change.  And India is only one of 128 countries that voted against the U.S.  There will be consequences for all of them.  That is President Turmp's style and Ambassador Haley's commitment.

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